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Crown Lengthening

During a crown lengthening, a periodontist—a dentist who specializes in gum health—removes excess gum tissue. Some general dentists can also perform this procedure.

Certain situations require the dentist to also remove or reshape bone tissue to expose more of the teeth.

The following are different crown lengthening techniques:

  • gingivectomy

  • apically repositioned flap surgery

  • surgical extrusion

The dentist will choose the most appropriate technique based on the cause of the excess gum tissue and the condition of the person’s mouth.

Some factors that can influence the choice of technique include:

  • aesthetic considerations

  • the length of the tooth’s root, compared with its crown, called the crown to root ratio

  • the proximity of the root

  • the appearance of the root

  • the presence of bone loss

  • the position of the affected tooth or teeth

  • the need for a filling or cap

Source Medical News Today

Crown Lengthening
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