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Surgical periodontal procedures: Guided bone regeneration ( GBR) and  guided tissue regeneration ( GTR)

are  dental surgical procedures that use  barrier membranes to direct the growth of new bone and gingival tissue at sites with insufficient volumes or dimensions of bone or  gingiva for proper function, esthetics or prosthetic restoration. 

Guided bone regeneration typically refers to ridge augmentation or bone regenerative procedures; guided tissue regeneration typically refers to regeneration of periodontal attachment. Guided bone regeneration is similar to guided tissue regeneration, but is focused on development of hard tissues in addition to the soft tissues of the  periodontal attachment. At present, guided bone regeneration is predominantly applied in the oral cavity to support new hard tissue growth on an  alveolar ridge to allow stable placement of  dental implants. When  Bone grafting is used in conjunction with sound surgical technique, guided bone regeneration is a reliable and validated procedure.

There are several uses of bone regeneration:

  • Fenestration and dehiscence

  • building up bone around implants placed in tooth sockets after tooth extraction

  • socket preservation for future implantation of false teeth or prosthetics

  • Sinus Lift Elevation prior to implant placement

  • filling of bone after removing the root of a toothcystectomy or the removal of impacted teeth

  • repairing bone defects surrounding dental implant caused by peri-implantitis.

  • cystic cavity.

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Emergency Treatment
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